RAINBOW EATERS AND APPETIZERS: “Make Today Special.” Eat the Rainbow! 

Eating the rainbow is the best for your body. It is an excellent guideline for daily, weekly, and monthly food consumption for any diet despite your age, weight, health condition, or background. To help you choose which colors and foods to eat for this day and week, we’ve transformed the “Eat the Rainbow” in the “Eat Me Rainbow” with our specialized app, for kids and adults alike.

By using this app you will have much more tasty food. but also:

You will help:

  • Reduce carbon footprint
  • Cut (excess of) plastic waste 
  • Be part of sustainable farming and environment
  • Reduce animal harm (less toxins and more consideration for their habitat)
  • Control your budget and food pairing


  • Out-season produce has been treated with chemicals, ripeners, and films. They don’t grow according to their natural growth cycle and are not nutritiously dense.
  • Out-season produce, and products not native to your area or region have traveled long distances under strong conditions, contributing to the carbon footprint.
  • In-seasonal food is fresher, tastier and according to researchers more nutritious than food consumed out of season, it also follows the body’s nutritional needs and energy throughout the year. 
  • In-seasonal produce can simplify our lives and teach us what to buy and which food ideas to plan and prep.

 Highlights and Features

01. Decide on your Healthy Cravings and make your joint fresh grocery list quickly and easily based on the colors. Children can do this for you – you will be in control because there is no check-out process, ads, or in-app payments.

02. Eating the Rainbow is the best for your body. Rainbow Foods and Proteins including Bean Protein (super sustainable and environment friendly!) are safe and healthy guidelines for any age, background, or diet preference.

03. Every season is presented in a brilliantly colorful way to discuss the elements of that season with your family. Make the most of your days and the holiday season!

04. Pick and choose your items based on the local and international food ideas presented for the best food pairing. Choose your unique protein, whether animal, vegetarian, or vegan. Family approved. Husband approved. Easy.

More about us:

“You are what you eat!”

The problem with our daily food consumption (overwhelm and food waste!):

The daily food struggle is we don’t know what to eat from the big selection. We’ve thought of a solution to reduce the feeling of overwhelm. We have designed the “Eat Me Rainbow” to help with daily food struggles and problems. This particular rainbow shows you the fruits and vegetables grown in your area or region, plus it incorporates the other dry foods, food ideas, and food pairing, so you will always know what item to choose for snacking or food prep. You are keeping your fridge and “fridge-mind” sleek. You are getting the best global and local (“glocal”) food in the right season! It’s never been this easy.

The Rainbow Eaters App helps you choose your next day’s fruits, vegetables, legumes, pulses, beans, herbs, oils, grains, milk, and beverages! We commit to incorporating into the Rainbow Eaters App all the latest sustainable food trends so each Rainbow Eaters has contributed to better health and a better Earth within the next 24 hours. 

More about “AARD” and our “Why”?

Why “Glocal,” a logic combination of local and regional or global, Fruits, Vegetables, and “Rainbow Food Ideas” solve ALL our food decisions, touching upon Farming, Harvesting, Logistics, Food-Waste, and other Sustainability problems through our daily, 24/7 diets and foods.

Extra information: Out-Season Products

Why to avoid out-season produce by any means:

  • It is not tasty and not healthy
  • It is packed with chemicals to ripen and preserve
  • It is very, very, very expensive (to produce and the price you pay)!!
  • It is not aligned with the body of Mother Nature and Human Energy and Nutritional Needs.
  • It contributed to the carbon footprint and other environmental problems

Extra food and shopping guidance (In-season foods):
Our bodies need good energy. Good energy comes from good, high-quality ingredients. That energy is more vibrant and costs less when it is in-season. You are better off buying the best of this month’s items and narrowing it down. 

When the food is in season, any fruit, veg, or pulse item will, by definition, cost you less than a biscuit, candy, or other packaged goods, but you need to prioritize so you don’t end up with the whole fresh produce in your cart! You’ll see that produce “out-season” has odd features and might already be spoiled before purchasing it or soon after when it has arrived in your fridge after a long journey of storage and handling from GMO farms in your area or across the globe. The chemicals are a reason for toxic bodies. Our bodies and the grounds we live on (also called “bodies”) need a varied diet and harvest throughout the year to complete deficiency levels of what we are made of; Dirt, Aard, and Earth.

To eat well, adults and children need better, life-long education and ongoing guidance from local and international peers as they pass through phases of life and change locations, living situations, or countries. Only then can we make informed choices for a more native way of living in a modern world where anti-aging, health, and well-being are at the forefront.

Use the app to find food ideas and make your grocery list. Eating the seasonal rainbow foods hasn’t been more accessible. Children are picky eaters for a reason. Children are food experts; they can tell you which foods look well and taste well, but most often they need your positive support and food guidance from the very beginning to remain connected with fresh produce! 

Client Reviews

Thanks to Rainbow Eaters, which combines “Eat the Rainbow” and In-Seasonal Produce into one. You’ll find that each season has its rainbow with its “rainbow foods” to eat during one month. Following the “Eat Me Rainbow” chart makes shopping and eating more fun for everyone!

“It looks so appealing to the eyes!”
Grizzle Marie Chua

“I love Rainbow Eaters. All the food items are in there and I like knowing what to eat in each season.”
Raphael Chehab (7 years)

“We’ve been able to systemize our grocery shopping and create healthier eating habits.”
Andromeda Limmen

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